Company profile

      Jiangsu Debang Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2010! Located in the hometown of Emperor Yao, Jiangsu Jinhu County Hi-tech Development Zone, known as Lotus City in China, covers an area of 50 mu.
     At present, the company's brand products "AIQI  Baby" baby paper diapers, "AIQI  Baby" baby pull-up elastic pants, "SOHOO" baby pull-up elastic pants. Baby diapers series finished products, compared with traditional diapers, adopt 360 degree all-round waist design of human body simulation, waist close-fitting and fixed as comfortable as wearing cotton elastic waist underwear! The waist circumference of both sides is comfortable and stretching, and the elastic coefficient is as high as 2.9 times; the unique instantaneous diversion layer, six leak-proof designs, guarantees the instantaneous uniform absorption of urine, no matter in any direction of movement, lying in any position, will not produce dropping and liquid side leakage; the mixed absorber can effectively solve the problems of agglomeration and fracture of the traditional structure of the mixed absorber due to its original partition design. The super-fine soft surface, like a small cloud, gently touches the baby's delicate skin, so that the baby has a golden night's sleep.
       With a global brand strategy, Debon not only establishes a nationwide sales network and service system, but also sells its products to many countries and regions, such as the United States, Germany, Korea, India, Brazil, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia and so on. It also wins the trust of customers and long-term strategic cooperation between the two sides.
      The company attaches great importance to resource integration and has established "OEM" strategic cooperative relationship with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad. In cooperation, the company maintains the brand development of partners with good faith and continuously provides competitive innovative products for partners, which fully reflects the responsibility and mission of production base services.

Corporate culture



Geographical Kun! Gentlemen carry things with great virtue and honesty and virtue are the foundation of the German people. It is the essence of enterprise spirit and the cornerstone of the common existence of the German people. Honesty in the consumer - consumer demand-oriented, committed to providing consumers with the best quality products and services.



"Not only the top, not the book, only the reality, only the test" is the essence of German entrepreneurship. God's motto. "Innovation" achieves every employee's value! Achievement product Brand, achievement enterprise development! Promote the technological progress of enterprises! Management Innovation - Focus on business development, break management barriers and rules limitations, and achi



Details determine success or failure. We require every employee to be "persistent" Adhere to, earnestly, more detailed, do fine, do everything well, every work.