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What about baby coughing all the time in winter? Mother need not worry too much, learn these strate

Winter is the season of high incidence of diseases, sneezing, runny nose, cough, fever and other problems will always follow. Among them, cough is the most common, the baby coughs badly during the day, and at night coughing affects sleep, which can break the heart of parents.
So how can parents help their babies cope with coughing?

What's wrong with the baby's cough?
Cough is a normal self-protection mechanism in the respiratory tract. It can help the baby only to discharge secretions and foreign bodies in the body.
Baby coughs suddenly, probably because of sputum in his respiratory tract, or sudden contact with this irritating thing, so it has to cough to discharge this "garbage". Therefore, cough is only a symptom, not necessarily a disease.
If the baby has the following symptoms, then it is normal:
·Just a few simple coughs;
·No fever, good mental state;
·Cough does not affect eating, drinking, and salad;
·The symptoms of cough are gradually improving.;
Of course, if the baby's cough is serious, or lasts for a long time, has seriously affected the baby's daily routine, then parents must take him to see a doctor in time.

Several Common Types of Baby's Winter Cough and Their Treatment
Cough caused by common cold
Cause: Common cold is mostly caused by cold, which can cause the symptoms of sore throat itching, and then lead to the occurrence of baby cough.
Coping methods: Cough caused by common cold generally does not need special treatment, but parents should pay attention to give babies more water, while humidity increases indoor air humidity.

Cold air irritating cough
Cause: When the baby is stimulated by cold air in outdoor activities, the respiratory mucosa may appear congestion, edema and other inflammatory reactions, which eventually lead to cold air irritating cough.
Coping methods: Cough caused by cold air usually lasts for a long time, with phlegm clearance and no fever. In order to improve the baby's ability to adapt to the environment, parents need to appropriately expose him to outdoor activities.
Cough due to viral invasion
Cause: Winter and spring are the season when viruses multiply in large numbers, and viral invasion can easily lead to the occurrence of cough in babies.
Coping method: There is no specific medicine for cough caused by virus at present, and the symptoms will disappear naturally after a few days of intensive care by parents. If the baby's throat is seriously inflamed, we must take him to see a doctor in time.

Allergen-induced cough
Cause: Allergic cough mostly occurs in winter and spring, when dust mites, pollen and other allergens may stimulate the baby's throat, thus causing cough.
Coping methods: Allergic cough is characterized by persistent severe recurrent cough, especially near the allergen, the baby will cough more severely than usual.

When the baby coughs, parents need not worry too much, as long as they master the appropriate ways and means, they can easily cope with it. But if you find that the child's cough is more serious, do not taboo the doctor, we must take them to the hospital in time for treatment, only the right medicine can really achieve the goal of getting rid of the disease.