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99.99% of mothers don't know about the common sleep problems of their babies.

Baby's sleeping problem has always been the most concern of parents. Babies sleep poorly, not only affecting parents, but also unhealthy growth. When the cold winter comes, how can we make our baby sleep more sweetly?

The Benefits of Sleep for Babies
Sleep contributes to nutritional synthesis
Most of the growth hormones that babies need to grow up are synthesized at night. If the baby's sleep quality is poor, nutrients can not be completed on time and in quantity, and his growth and development is naturally not good.
Sleep boosts immunity
Sleep can effectively enhance the baby's body immunity, thus resisting the invasion of disease. Baby sleeps poorly, which can easily lead to the occurrence of various diseases, and then affect his physical and mental health.
Sleep makes babies smarter
Studies have shown that brain protein secretion increases after a baby is asleep, suggesting that sleep can make a baby smarter. Babies who don't get enough sleep have difficulty concentrating, and their memory and comprehension also decrease.

Babies of all ages sleep differently
Sleep time of newborns is fragmented
The newborn's eating and sleeping are equally important. In order to find food, he always fails to sleep a whole night. The baby eats more and pulls more naturally, which in turn affects his sleep. When the baby is 2 to 3 months old, his gastrointestinal function develops better and he can sleep longer.
Babies of three months can sleep well.
Generally speaking, after three months, the baby can drink at least 180 milliliters of milk at a time, because his life will gradually become regular. But there are still babies who are accustomed to night nursing. They are still psychologically dependent and need to be gradually guided to sleep soundly.

Good habits to help babies sleep healthily
Maintain moderate exercise
Although the weather is cold in winter, the baby still needs moderate exercise. Outdoor activities not only help to improve the baby's environmental adaptability, but also help the baby to release excess energy, so that he can sleep more sweetly at night.

Pay attention to keeping warm and moisturizing
Baby's sleeping environment, need to pay attention to warm and moisturize. When the environment is constant, the baby can sleep more sweetly. Generally speaking, it is more comfortable to keep the room temperature between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius while sleeping, and the humidity should be generally controlled between 50% and 60 degrees Celsius.
Ensure comfort and comfort
Babies should not wear too many clothes and quilts when sleeping. Generally, it is better to wear a pure cotton threaded trousers, which can prevent him from kicking and catching cold, and also help him absorb sweat properly. At the same time, the baby's sleep environment should also be quiet, try to avoid noise or poor light and other factors.

To sum up, if you want your baby to be healthier and smarter, parents must pay full attention to your baby's sleep. Especially in the cold winter, baby sleep sweet can also effectively accumulate growth energy, the next year will be more happy and happy.