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Does the baby always have a bad appetite? Most of them are caused by food accumulation! These tips

Entering the early winter season, the baby's daily energy consumption is high, and his appetite is naturally very good. In order to keep warm, adults and children will open their hearts to eat, which do not know carelessly accumulated food. Don't underestimate the problem of accumulated food. A little neglect may lead to a series of problems, which will affect the health of the baby.

The manifestation of accumulated food in babies
Not to eat well
Babies who accumulate food are prone to loss of appetite, so they don't want to eat after two bites of food. At the same time, they may also suffer from abdominal distension or pain.
can't sleep well
If the baby has accumulated food, it is easy to toss and turn while sleeping, and sleep unsteadily. Smaller babies even cry.
Babies who accumulate food usually have a bad taste in their mouth and a slight sour smell; sometimes, accumulated food can lead to constipation or diarrhea, and the stool smells bad.
Color monster
Accumulated feeding baby tongue coating will become white and thick, some of the tongue in the middle of a coin-sized thick tongue coating, some of the whole tongue become thick and greasy.

The Reasons for Baby's Accumulation of Food
Baby's spleen and stomach are weak
Baby's spleen and stomach function development is not perfect, that is, what TCM calls "spleen and stomach deficiency". When a baby eats too much food, or eats food that is not funny, it will cause food accumulation and indigestion, which will lead to abdominal distension and other symptoms.
Improper feeding methods
Breast-feeding mothers do not have taboos, eat heavy food; or babies eat more meat, spicy food, which may lead to the occurrence of baby food problems. At the same time, the baby's diet is unreasonable, often eat a kind of food, will also lead to food accumulation.
Baby's poor self-control
Babies within 3 years of age have poor self-control ability, and they will keep talking when they see what they like to eat. Especially on New Year's Day, the baby surrendered when he saw delicious food. In addition, the baby daily lack of exercise, also easy to accumulate food oh.

Prevention and Response of Baby's Accumulation of Food
Adjustment of dietary structure
Parents should pay attention to the reasonable diet for their babies, so that babies can eat more digestible and absorbent foods, and not blindly pursue high calorie and fat foods. Within 6 months, babies need to adhere to breastfeeding, slightly older when supplementary food should also pay attention to gradual, step-by-step guidance.
Regular and quantitative meals
Baby's daily diet also needs regular and orderly, especially the arrangement of three meals to be fixed and quantitative, remember not to be hungry and full meal, in order to avoid affecting the normal operation of his digestive function. Parents should pay attention to guide their babies to develop good eating habits, which will benefit them for a lifetime.
Eating should be seven cents full
"If you want children to be safe, you often have three points of hunger and cold." No matter what kind of food, even if there is nutrition, the baby can not eat too much, too full at once. Especially at dinner time, it's best for your baby to keep seven cents full.
Stick to Outdoor Sports
For young babies, we can let them crawl more, or gently massage them; for older babies, parents should insist on taking them to do moderate outdoor activities every day. The most important thing is to help him choose a suitable diaper when he goes out with his baby. Here we recommend Yaku diapers for him.

Yaku paper diapers: Love baby, it's so simple. Full-core structure design, light and tough, baby wear more comfortable naturally; use the honeycomb bionic surface, soft skin, baby wear more comfortable than not; with breathable bottom film and absorbent magic beads, effectively increase the aerodynamic space, properly lock the night urine flow.

In daily life, parents should pay more attention to observe the baby's daily diet, once found timely problems should be dealt with in time; if the problem of accumulated food is more serious, we must take the baby to seek medical advice, prescribing drugs to the symptoms can be better quickly.
Take advantage of the sunshine, the breeze is not dry, remember to take more babies out to relax